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Cea-Beyond Natural Fitness

As a wellness professional I perform several different duties, including consulting with clients, developing tailored plans, supervising clients to ensure that they properly execute the exercises, along with nutritional planning and motivational support. I am not just a fitness enthusiast with over five years of training experience, I am also a fitness competitor. I know there is a need for more natural products within the fitness family. Besides fitness I am a mother and grandmother to eight beautiful babies that inspire me. I find myself having many ideas and look forward to growing my business into a multi-successful company that will provide many services for the people. Starting with my eco-friendly multi-dimensional fitness apparel.

Prudie’s Natural Skincare

For years we have put our health in the hands of people we trust but the question is; why do we trust them? Cancer diagnosis’s are on the rise and I strongly believe it is due to the multitude of chemical and pollinates we are expose to on a daily. Well I cannot change everything but I became fed up after the passing over of my beloved Step-Mother due to cancer, caused by products she used. Here I hope to share the natural products that were born in my home and are dear to my heart as I know my grandchildren with be saved from the harsh chemicals in other products. I hope to share my body crèmes with you and your loves ones to promote beauty while keeping us all healthy.

Thank you my Unicorn loves for giving me a chance to services you and you family.


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